Thursday, August 25, 2011

How we do chores now.

For a year now we have tried hard to find the prefect chore system and rewards.  I don't like the idea a paying kids to help out around the house, but I do agree with rewarding them.  So it took us awhile to find the prefect rewards, we did try money and the kids don't care.  So we switch off with pokemon or magic card booster packs, and time on the video game systems.  Once we had the rewards down we had to find a system.  We started of with this chore chart that my husband found at Kmart (linked at amazon and a great use of gift cards from swagbucks and

This worked for awhile but then it was just hard to keep straight and it was an all or nothing thing when it came to the chores.  And since my oldest and I are in a power struggle over them I wanted him to see that I know he tries and be able to see where he needed to try harder.  So one night I was on Pinterest when I saw this and this.  I just had to give this a try.  So I sat down with the family and we talked about what we thought should be on them.  So we made our own for our family. And set a system up.

The System is the Chore Chart from before and our cards

On the chore chart we write out and assign the chores and track points (talk about them more when we get to the cards.)

I know it looks like a lot but really it isn't.  And as my other two get older they will get chores too.  Autumn helps who ever has her room as she is learning only reason the boys get this room right now is that they are normally the ones that make it a mess.

Now on to the cards.  We have 7 cards, we had added a chore so that everyday the boys could get the same amount of points.  And they helped come up with them I think this helped with them wanting to do them.

Two Bedroom Cards (One for Autumn's room and One for their room)
Their Bathroom
Hallway/Linen Closet
Dining Room
Living Room
Rewards Card (we will be making more of these to change it up)

Click on either card to download or to enlarge the pic.

I am sharing the cards with you so you can have a jumping off point these work for the home I have now and my kids now.  
Each card breaks down what each chore needs to be done and the things that don't have to be done everyday are freebies like dusting (which I do now anyways but hope to have them help as they get a little older).  Each item is worth one point.  When they are done with their chores we do a walk through and show them if they missed anything.  They then get a chance to fix it before a final walk through (this is more to help my 6 yo as he learns, and help my 10 yo as he likes to pretend he doesn't see things).  On the last walk through we check off what is done add up point and sign it.  Then the card goes on the ice box till the end of the night when I add up the points and wrote them on the chart.  And we start over, I then label the cards for the kids for their chores for the next day.

Right now our rewards are video games and movies from netflix or that is on tv.  Mostly video games as this is what the boys love the most and want to do the most but mom limits big time.  So they can earn up to 60 minutes for the week as the grand prize.  They are loving this and I feel better knowing they are limited. 

Anyways there you go this is what works for us if you give it a try of have questions let me know.

Thank you for reading