Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chicken Pot Biscuit for 4.73 and Recipe

Dinner was a very good and very cheap meal this is part two of our roasted chicken from Sunday.  We used 1/4th the bird so I have more for another meal.  How cool is that one bird and three meals.  Coupons also played a part in tonight's meal.  And left over corn from last night.

I call this chicken pot biscuits because my husband and I couldn't agree on a meal I wanted chicken pot pie and he wanted chicken and dumpling and at first I told him I was cooking so it was going to be what I wanted.  But changed my mind and put biscuits on time instead.  This is a huge hit.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Tonights dinner was nice and cheap 5.18

Tonight dinner was a simple one of mac salad and corn and brats for the adults and hot dogs for the kids.  Thanks to coupons I was paid to take the pasta out of the store, and got the hot dogs for .25 a pack.  thus making a cheap mean an the left over mac salad makes great sides for lunch too.

Watermelon day 6

Day six of Watermelon water and I am just happy how they are growing not many pics today but enough to see the change

A big thank you!

I have to say thank you to all the readers from Fort Hood Savers.  And thank you to Fort Hood Savers for sharing my under five dollar blueberry muffin recipe which you can find here.  Fort Hood Savers is a blog for those wanting to save money and while she focuses on my area you can use her tips in your own area as she has nation chains on her blog to with coupon and sales match up and links to printable coupons.  And she is also feature cheap recipes so make sure you hope on over to Fort Hood Savers and follower her.  She also has a Facebook page as well.  And please don't forget to click follow for my blog as well as will keep posting cheap dinner ideas and recipes and so much more.  Thanks Again!

Roast Chicken and veggies for under ten bucks for a family of five

I have a large family there are six of us but one is just starting solids and mostly nurses.  But feeding all of us could be costly but I have been setting a goal of $10 for dinner as this is the one meal we all eat together.  And I have made some pretty good meals for under ten last night I made a roasted chicken with roasted veggies.  In the end it cost me 7.40 total.  Now the chicken cost me more than that but I am going to easily get to meals if not three meals out of this one bird plus I am going to and make my first home made stock.

Cost Break Down:
Chicken 4.35 (half of the 8.70 I paid)
1 pound taters about 1.00
baby carrots 1.00
1 small onion .25
1 bell pepper .50
1 lemon .13
1 lime .13
Plus or Minus .04 
And the rest that I used to make is standard pantry items like evoo and spices.  This was a tasty me and I don't think we ever touched half the book it was probably less than that.  Whole chickens are a great thing for big families to buy to feed a lot for a little and get more for there money.  And tomorrow night we are going to have chicken pot pie with the left overs.  And I am sure we will have one more meal of the rest maybe a lunch we will have to see or I will freeze it for a third meal and save the bones for a stock.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

watermelon day 5

Wow day five already.  We had some great changes and great pictures.  So here they come.

 I just love this pic I don't know why but I do.

Second set of leaves starting.

Big brother and little brother AWWWW.

Here they are all of them I hope they all make it all the neighborhood kids want watermelons.

Seed shell is like a parent not wanting to let go.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

What A Day

Today was a crazy day filled with shopping and the library.  Our trip took two hours and then another 30-45 to check out.  It's my fault it took so long since I had almost 200 coupons. But with them alone I saved a ton of money not counting the savings from the sales prices.  It took well over an hour to scan label and put everything away but you know what it was worth it we had been done quiet a bit in stock and six people can use a lot of stuff.  And summer's here meaning my oldest is going to be home and eating more.  But we are fine now we have stock and can just keep it up and maybe get to once a month shopping.

With all that said I must think I am going to have a lot of free time for reading as I took out nine books today.

A few of these I know I will need to resign out others I am not sure one and well others will be quick reads I have to say I have flipped through a few and I think it will be hard to put them down once started.  But hey my hubby has the next few days off so it will be nice to get some reading in.  Who needs tv?

We ended up as a family checking out 25 books most of which will be read it's great passing along this love of reading to my children.  This reminds me of my Autumn Lily she would get a board book from the baskets they have at our library sit and in a chair and tell you the story as she saw it and you would be able to make out about every other word because she's going to fast. And at the end you hear t end  and then all done. It's cute I was shocked how well she was at the library since she wanted a nap but we wanted to get there before they closed. I wouldn't trade any of my children in for the world even when they drive me batty.

Have a nice weekend.

Watermelon day 4

The change is just unreal. 

Watermelon day 3

In the craziness that is my life I got the pictures and shared them on my facebook but forgot to post about them.  We have two more seedlings and our others are doing well as long as I didn't kill one when the water hit it.  Come tomorrow I will know.  I really meant to do this hours ago but forgot. Well here are the pics you will see how much they have changed in one day. 

 This one is laying down on the job I hope it makes it.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just a simple night at home

Our night tonight was simple. Dinner was simple left overs and just spending time together.  My daughter feel asleep right afterwords while drawing.

My little girl didn't feel well so she watched tv in our bed with her baby, that baby goes everywhere with her.

Here she is peeking at me through the window as I water my plants.

And our other plants except the water melon excuse the photos I was playing with the camera

These are our sun flowers these things grow fast.

And last but not least comes my Coco she is my other little girl here she is playing while I water the plants.

I am sure with summer here I will get pics of all the kids doing goofy things. And I hope to share them all.

Watch my Watermelon grow with me

Last weekend we had a watermelon and the kids wanted to plant the seeds to see if they would grow so they saved about 10 seeds and we planted them. We up-cycled an old cookie tin popped some whole in it for drainage.  Here is a pic from when we planted them on 5/21.  You can see our sunflowers right next to them growing nicely.

Well today I go out as I do every evening and check on my plants it's my nice quite 5-10 minutes alone as my husband entertains the children.  So today I found little seedlings peeking out from the cheap dirt we had.  Here are a couple of pics

They are still tiny but growing we have three plants growing one I couldn't get a pic of I hope to get one tomorrow.  But after these pics I thought I would post pics of how they are doing everyday to just track the growth and have fun.

Baking at 1 Am Blueberry Muffins

Some times I do silly things that seem like a great idea at the time like make muffins at 1 am.  I couldn't sleep and I thought it sounded like a nice idea and it was.  There were no children or a dog to trip over in the kitchen.  And the best part is I got to surprise my husband and children.  That's the best.

My husband was surprised with is morning breakfast as he found these.  And they are not very sweet either even even though there is one cup sugar in a double batch.

This the butter and sugar chilling getting ready to be turned into yumminess.  except some how I doubled the butter I should have had one stick not two per the recipe but that's ok I like how they came out, I even cut the flour too.

I find with baking it's not like people tell you that you have to follow a recipe to the T.  I find I have to know my ingredients and know what the batter should look like.  I have learned when using flour it depends on it's age, the humidity and so much more as to how much you truly need.
LOL at 1 am this pic was cut I saw a smiling face and a monster all at once.  Anyways this is after I creamed the butter and added the eggs and vanilla.  Can you see the smilie face or the monster?

Now we jump to adding the blue berries I didn't get pics of me adding the flour or milk but I did cut the flour by one come and I was very happy with how they turned out.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A nice and easy way to earn gift cards for the holidays

Just about everyone knows what swagbucks is and how you can earn pp or amazon gift cards well now BING.com has come out with there own way of earning gift cards and more.

First when you sign up you get 250 points, and a 5 dollar amazon gift card is 451 points so you are half way there.  I am at 266 in the matter of minutes.

Sign up and they have things for you to click that give bounus points for me tonight it was check the traffic I clicked the link and got 12 points and then I receive another point for every 2 searches I do up to 12 points a day until june fourth.

So hurry and sign up it's not hard mine is link to my hotmail account!!  Just follow this link

Monday, May 23, 2011

Help a friend out

Help my friend make her goal of 1,111 fans she only needs a couple more and trust me you will lover her blog The Screaming Penny.  She posts tons of great deals and thrifty meals and more.  So hurry up and like her!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

We have buds

We have buds on our tomater plants aren't they pretty

We also have sunflowers growing I am late getting things this year but hope to hit up some great deals and get more plants.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Coupons coupons and more coupons

I just have more than I will use before they go bad so I am sharing with the locals who care to pick them up I will even be nice and let you tell me what you want please please please just take what you will use

This are a mix of ones from buzz agent that I have received for products I have tested, the paper and printables I will try and label what they are when I list them.

  • (8) Save 3.00 Children's Claritin 6/30/11 (bzzagant)
  • (1) Forumla Check Good Start 4.95 exp 7/1/11
  • (1) $1 off one iams healthy naturals dry dog or car food exp 5/31 (might have more)
  • (5) $1 off on 18 3 oz cans of fancy feast elegant medleys cat food any variety exp 8/1
  • (5) $1 off on 24 3 oz cans of fancy feast cat food any variety 8/1
  • (2) $1 off any one new temptations mixups treats for cats 6/12
  • (2) $1 off one package of purina tidy cats cat litter any size any variety 8/1
  • (2) $1 off on two packages of purina whiskers lickin's cat treats any size any variety 8/1
  • (6) save $1 on one bag of purina kitten chow or purina cat chow anze (excluding 16-18oz) any variety 6/26
  • (3) $3 off any one bag of nutro natural choice dry cat food 5/22 (I know tomorrow but i can hope somone needs it)
  • (2) Save $1 on twenty 5.5 oz cans or 2 12 ct or 1 24ct or larger variety pack of purina friskies or purina friskies pouches an variety 8/1
  • (5) Save $1.50 on one 17.6 oz or larger bag of purina god chow or puppy chow 5/28
  • (3) $1 Off Iams Pro Active Health dry dog or cat food 5/31
  • (5) Save $1 on one 4.4 lb or larger bag of purina dog chow or purina puppy 5/28
  • (3) $1 off any one any size of pedigree marrobone treats 5/29
  • (3) Buy 3 iams canned dog or cat food get 1 free 5/31
  • (3) $5 any one bag of nutro natural choice grain free dog food 5/22
  • (2) Save $2.50 on your next purchase of one 3.5oz package of purina pro plan roasted slices 5/31
  • (3) $1 off one imas premium protection dry dog or car food 5/31
  • (1) save 2.50 on hartz ultra guard flea and tick topical drops for dogs and cats 5/31

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Book Review: Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with America's Cheapest Family: Includes So Many Innovative Strategies You Won't Have to Cut Coupons

I just finished reading  Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with America's Cheapest Family: Includes So Many Innovative Strategies You Won't Have to Cut Coupons bye Steve  Annette Economides (that is really there name.  And they have a website called America's Cheapest Family.  They have been featured on morning news programs, 20/20, and even the Dr. Phil Show.

This book was hard for me to get into, maybe because it talked about planning and lists and menus and all things I hate doing a rebel against.  But I forced myself past it and honestly learned a ton of great facts.  This book starts and ends with ideas on how to not only save money but your time as well.  This family focuses on family as well and this book is much more than just saving money at the store.  While I don't know about shopping only once a month (I shop twice now) they had other great ideas.

This book is a great read even if you already know how to save money at your grocery store or coupon.  Don't let the title fool you they talk about coupons and it turns out the husband worked with companies that made coupons and helped design them.  They also talk about the food traps that stores set up for you with sales that are not really sales.  Now we all probably know one season couponer that can tell you that a sale isn't that great like the 10 for 10 1 qt Gatorade when not on sale I can find them as low as .69 each.  

They talk of figuring out the cost per unit and buying going our of code meat.  Now I admit this is something I am not sure I am willing to do but I just met my local butcher and I love there meat in there freezer packs and it avg 1.85 a pound.  They also talked about how to save money on lunch meat with buying chubs and asking the deli to slice it.  The same with cheese as well.  These are all ideas I didn't think about before and will be trying at my local store.
Really this book has to many items and tips to list there was only one thing that bothered me and it was very little in the start of the book they talk about the great deals they find at a dented can store, and then later in the book talk about avoiding these items at the store for fear there is something wrong with them.  I know it's a little thing but it stuck out to me big time.

One thing that I really loved was all the charts and lists and stuff they shared and the family stories it made it easy to relate to them when you learned about them and there family.  They have a great few on family dinners and sharing stories and everything.   I loved the idea of some of the games that they played as well.

I would say this book is worth a trip to the library of even buying a copy to keep as there is so much in there you really want to start with one step at a time.  Other wise I think it would over whelm you and this is what they suggest as well.  I got my copy from the library but I think I will have to keep my out for a used or really cheap copy of it.  

This book also has lots and lots of links and other books they suggest you read to help you out on your journey to saving money and feeding your family healthy.  That brings me to a great point of the book it's about only buying what you need not what is free or on sale it's about how to get those healthy items cheaply that there are not normally coupons out there for.  I would call it a simple living book.  I would also say this would make a great book for well anyone.  I really suggest this book it might be hard for some to get into especially if you think you know all you need to know but please give it a chance and understand you take the ideas and make them work for you.  You don't have to it the way they do.

6 Years ago.....

I was pregnant with my second and getting ready for my husband to leave for a month of training when I had a horrible dream.  I will never forget it.  I dreamed that my grandfather had died at home and it having something to do with his chest.  Now to be honest I don't remember if I knew he was sick at the time or if we found out shortly after.  It was very close together.  I also remember in my dream he died at 3:16 that dream stuck with me for a long time I couldn't shake it like other dreams.

Well either just before or after this dream my grandfather was admitted to the hospital and they had a few ideas from TB (huge worry because I had been near him and gave him kisses and was pregnant) ro lung cancer.  Well after a week (felt longer to me) it was lung cancer I was shaken and taken back.  Everyone I had known that had cancer up to that point in my life had died to be fair there were not many but enough.  I was scared I was going to lose someone I loved someone who had been in my life a part of it for as far back as I could remember.

I remember he wasn't given to much time and that it was quite advanced and they started Chemo.  Man that stuff not sure i could do it.  I remember visits where he would sleep all day and I would beg and ask him to just have a sip of a drink for me, or bite of something to eat.  I never pressed as hard as I wanted to maybe I should have maybe it would have helped.  I don't know if it would have.

Then the day came when I woke up to my dad calling me.  I knew it must have been about grandpa as the time difference was great and it was early for him.  We had lost him at home early in the morning I don't remember time but I know it was close to the time of my dream.  I remember the feeling I had when my dad told me.  My heart sank, while my grandfather and I were not close he was a part of my family and someone I loved someone I miss.  I wonder would the family and the memories be the same with out him.

I remember after getting off the phone with my dad I called Jon, I was a wreck already he knew when he answered what was wrong and got time off to come home and hold me. He held me while a bawled like a baby, it was a dirty messy snotty cry, yet here is my solder husband holding me gentle but firm and understanding of my grief.  My selfish grief.  During that cry I never thought of the pain he was feeling reliving the loss of many people in his life or the lose of my grandfather had on him.  It wasn't until months later I learned of the bond he felt with my grandfather the comfort he had in talking shop with him that was now gone.

He lost someone he trusted to talk to someone he could sit in a room say five things and they had a talk.  That is how he explained it to me.  Grief made me selfish.  But he understood and I am thankful for that.

And her it is 6 years later and I have since had my baby, and we named him Frederick after the lose of my grandfather I felt the need to name him after my dad who was named after my grandfather it was important he came from a line of strong men.  My husband agree it was a family name on his side to.

I was talking just the other night with my husband about my grandfather and it's a shock to me it's been so long it feels like it's only been a few years. Like three max to me.  This pain was brought back up when I lost my grandmother(mother side) earlier this year and this Sunday I found out my other grandfather (mom's side) is in the hospital for heart problems and I am sure I will get that call again all to soon and loose someone else.  I grieved for my grandmother it was different than my grandfather maybe because I really didn't know her she was a woman that sent cards and letters and gifts that I met twice that I can remember and my grandfather was in many memories.

He was at my wedding and introduced as my family, he was at every family dinner and when Aunt Lori was there she has to sit next to her dad.  Or how he was one of the few if not only people that would eat oyster stuffing.  He smile I still see it.I miss him.  I know he wasn't always the man I remember and I know he wasn't always the easiest to get to know but I loved him, I miss the good bye kisses on the scruffy check.  I miss his silly games.

One last story, I will never forget the story of my dad finding a plastic dove at the fire hall where we had the reception after the service.  I remember sitting there hearing dad and my grandma talk just knowing it was what they thought.  See sadly my dad who was so very close to my grandpa wasn't able to be at his bed side to say good bye he did over the phone I am told but we all know it's not the same.  Anyways I believe it was my grandpa's way of saying see JR I made I am fine, let you ma know.  And later that night he did he gave her that dove after asking about one of there fav songs to dance to "Wings of a Dove" if I remember right.  I remember the tears and everything.  It was a touching moment that I am glad I was a part of.

I was also a part of a moment in which grandpa moved the dove around the kitchen and watching my grandmother say I will fix his ass and glue it down hahaha I will never forget that.

I don't know why I wrote this crazy mess or even hit publish but I felt a need to I miss him a great deal and sad he won't meet three of my children but I do believe he is watching over them and even sometimes playing cars with them.  I am not even sure I remember everything right but it is how I remember those events. I just felt the need to share them.

So hug those that you love and remember we are never promised tomorrow. Let them know you love them.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

One day....

One day my family will have a farm with a great big old farm house.  On this farm we will raise as much of our own food as we can.  And we are going to grow Christmas trees, and have a whole christmas theme to make it fun for the whole family.  I really can't wait for this we have been researching everything and making sure we know what we want.  I have recently started dream folders for our home and gardens.  

I can't wait until my days are filling with gardening and canning and making cheese and all kinds of goodies.  Homemade butter and bread.  Everything.  I want to only need to go to the store once every month or so for things we need.  And I want to enjoy this old time life and some of the new found enjoyable tech that is out there.  Just not have our lives move around it.  

I also want to have a ton of animals on this farm and chickens I want lots and lots of chickens maybe even a few turkeys.  I want a barn that smells of horses, leather and hay!  And I will have it I tell you.  It's going to be our heaven.  

We can't forget our fruit trees and maybe even nuts as well,  I can't wait to grow all of our herbs and spices and vegetables.  I can't wait to live this simple life.  The best of all I can't wait for family dinners and sitting at the table enjoying a good chat with those that I love and making memories to have a life time.

Once day i will have this all and more.  But for now I am going to learn all that I can so that when my dream comes true I am ready for it. And this summer I am learning canning and many other things.

Old fashion summer fun ideas

My son and I were talking and he was saying how he hoped he wouldn't be bored this summer.  That there never seemed to be anything to do.  I found this sad and thought wow, I haven't been showing him the fun he can have.  So I am making a list of fun and free or nearly free summer things to do and well things that I know he will love.

  1. Go hiking, we have a few places to go in the area and it's just fun and good for you.  Don't forget water and sun block.
  2. We are already gardening together and I think I will teach him more about that and what to do once the food is grown.
  3. Fly kites, I posted this before but this is something my children just love and it's pretty cheap if you go to a big box store.
  4. Catch fire flies I think all the kids will enjoy this.  
  5. Play
  6. mudpies
  7. Go to the park
  8. good old fashion water fights. who doesn't love these
  9. I have signed them up for free bowling.
  10. I have also got them going on reading programs I am waiting to see what another store does for them.  I think reading is super important for children.
  11. build forts and play dress up...a trip to the thrift store for items.
  12. bird watching, he seems to want to do this.
  13. Make paper air planes
  14. Give him a box
  15. puppets
  16. and much more as I think of it.
Coming up with things to do during the summer it's hard and many of these are fun and things I have done there are other things we might do like fishing and I will teach him took and just great fun.  I hope to get an old fashion ice cream maker this summer as well.

Only thing is not look forward to is summer school at home.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Couponing and the simple life And Clutter

I am finding it hard to mesh couponing and simple living together.  It seems to me couponing has turned into getting as much as you can for free or cheap and to get more even when you don't need it.  Simple living to me is making do with what you have reusing stuff as needed.  Like an old soup can panted and turned into a flower pot with fresh cut flowers in it.  Simple living to me is about using what you have and getting what you need and even getting a few wants but not making your life about wanting.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mother's Day!

My mothers day was great.  We had a ham dinner that yes I cooked but I wanted to.  Dh would have cooked if I didn't.  But he cooked yesterday so I was fine.  And we had home made bread I find every time I make it, it get easier.

I also got to cuddle with the baby and take nap.  And I started a new book last night and today Cut your Grocery Bill in half with America's cheapest family.  Not sure how I like it I am thrown off by the writing saying in 1982 35,000 was near poverty.  From what I have read so far I do most of what they seem to talk about but hey I am open minded I will read to the end and maybe learn another trick or two.

And today was sunday which means coupons in the papers.  Jon went and got them for me bright and early and I am glad it was easy this week last week it was crazy that coupon show has made some monsters I don't even try to get the free deals anymore because some people think they need all 100 that's in the store.  I still save big time with them though and about 40% is my average for some couponers that's not great but for me it is.

Other than the coupons the book and watching a movie it's a low key day but a great one none the less.  Hope your mother's day was great as well.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mark those calendars free math program coming in June.

Are you a home school mom?  Do you like free things to try out for your children?  Well then mark those calendars for a free math program coming in June.  

Funnfix.com is launching a new math program in June and they are offering it free for a limited time.

They did this with there Reading program earlier this year and we really enjoyed the program.  For more information please visit there site here.

Happy Mothers day

Happy Mothers day to all the mom's out there.

Book Review: Country Living Simple Country Wisdom: 501 Old-Fashioned Ideas to Simplify Your Life

On my journey to live simply and frugally I went to the library and signed out a ton of books.  I read one of them today I think it's worth sharing.  It's an easy read as well.


Today I read the book Country Living Simple Country Wisdom: 501 Old-Fashioned Ideas to Simplify Your Life By: Susan Waggoner and man did I love it.  This woman talked about real things that you can do in today's world to make a homey home like that of your grandmother's or great-grandmother's.  She also had a section on cleaning and the steps to do it and how to.  I hate to admit this but this is something I just didn't get till recently seemed so hard to me.  But she makes it so simple and like duh I should have known that.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Kmart ad scans 5/8-5/14 Purex BOGO

I think I see some good deals this week but i am not 100% I will have to check later after kiddos are in bed. but I do see purex bogo that i think matches up with the 1 off coupon that came in 5/1 inserts.


I did it!!

I am so proud I did it. I have made bread five days straight this week. monday thru friday and it's great my goal is to make all our bread like items by the end of the year and this week I have learned how to make hot dog rolls and tortillas. It's nice to know you can do something you where sure you could do.

Free Movie!!!

A free movie I might just have to go it's been too long

Summer reading programs 2011 and how your kids can get FREE books

My oldest will be out of public school in one months time and it's scary to think about but I need to get some things ready for the summer. And since we need to work on reading I started with summer reading programs.


And Barnes & Nobel have one. You child can earn a FREE book after they read 8 books (free book comes off a list)

To join this program is easy all you need to do is go here and find the pdf to download or download it here

To find a store near you go here

They have a parents kit and an educators kit and in the end they are very much the same but I like the educators kit which can be found here


Now Boards also has a summer reading program. They double dog dare you to read ten books to get one free (starts June 1). Here is the link to download and print the form needed.

And the Free books are also limited but there seems to be some on there that my children will love you can find them Here

You can go here to find the store nearest you.


Now Hastings also has a program.

Theirs is call the Summer Book Club and from what I understand on there website is first you can download their reading journal. Which has many books listed in it. Not sure they are the ones you have to read, but pretty sure they are after you read them you do the book report and then take your journal in and get a sticker for it. I do know they offer coupons to help you get the books.

They also have where you can write an essay and you child has a chance to win a computer for themselves and a school of there choice (I don't know if homeschools count I will have to look into it but it might take time) and you can find that info here.

You can go here to find the store nearest you.

Now there are lists and lists out there for summer reading but I am of the mind that you should have your child read what they love first, light that passion for reading under them before you move on to the required reading if you can. I know as you go through school be it public or homeschool there are times you have to read something you hate. But I don't think fun summer reading should be that.

Most of these programs allow you and your child the fun in choosing what to read. Remember to check your local library for other great programs in your local area and it's a great place to get your books to read. Enjoy this time this summer and happy reading. I recently read that reading for fun is on the down slid I find that sad.

Monday, May 2, 2011

A prefect evening

My family and I had a great evening. We had kids playing nicely and doing chores. Jon helped me with my massive amount of coupons. LOL it was fun watching him sort them for me and put them in the right groups.

And then after dinner I watch him and Autumn play ball I nearly peed my pants laughing so hard. She's a riot and hides how much she can truly talk. but she refuses to say ball LOL. she will say get it when it want behind the couch but not ball.

Alen was a good kid today and did his chores with out much pushing this is a win. And while ricky didn't feel well he was well behaved. it was a prefect evening with us all happy and doing fun things and relaxing. Can't wait for out next one.