Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let's Go Fly a Kite

National Kite Month

Not only is it National Frog Month but it's also National Kite Month. My boys and husband just love flying kites we got the boys some kites for Ostara.  To be honest I am not sure who had more fun the boys or my husband.  They started out front and ended up going to the park.  We had gotten the kites from the dollar store because I was trying again to see if they would like them.  They are on the list for Easter now as they played with them till they fell apart. (Note: dollar store kites only have 50 of string on them and you might want to change it out for heavier string. )  So naturally after finding out what month it was I had looked for the school stuff behind the kites to turn a fun afternoon into a learning adventurer.

Ricky truly loved learning about Ben Franklin and his kite and string. He thinks it was crazy but thought it was cool.  We are still working on this lesson but I can see the joy in his face as he learns.  This is what I have wanted for him it's perfect for him.

 My boys Kites on Ostara it was cloudy and windy but it didn't stop them.

Kites are a perfect tool to get your child to engage in so many subjects like art, history, math, science and more.  But lets face it they are fun.  So again I spent some time searching for things for my child to do and I found this great site with tons of stuff on it.

They also have a pattern to make your own kit out of thread and simple printer paper and you can find that here and the pdf here.  There are other patterns as well and you can find the one for the bubble bee here. 20 kids, 20 kites, 20 minutes this one looks fun and I think a home-school group would do great with it.  Here is a pattern for a paper bag kite.  And the Boka Boka Kite.

This site is full of lessons and lessons plans.  And this is a pdf on kites in the class room.  I think it's a great read.

Mrs. Jackson's Class has a ton of links for kites.  I haven't checked them all out yet but thought I would share anyways.

This blog has listed some of the books you can look out for to add to your lessons.  You can never have to much reading right?

And for the preschooler in your life or the little one that may need their own work to make it easy all around.

This is a pdf of how to make a kite with bamboo skewers and construction paper and a few other house hold items.

So take a weekend and go fly a kite, have some good old fashioned fun.  and if you don't want to make a kite there are many stores online in which you can buy one.  or if you want a cheap one there is the dollar store and walmart.  Also check out your craft stores as well they sometimes have them.

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