Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Introducing Sparrow!

Hello Lovelies!

I am Sparrow! I've know Spirit through the crunchy/naturally minded community for several years, even before her last child was born! It's been a long and beautiful time!

I am a 30something year old mother and wife living in central Oklahoma.  I have two beautiful children.  My daughter is eight and my son is turning thirteen on Monday!  Where does the time go?

I am a lot of thing.  I'm crafty.  I'm creative.  I'm smart.  I'm disabled due to a spinal cord injury, but not paralyzed.  I advocate for body positivity and human rights.  I'm a product junkie.  I'm a lover of makeup.  I'm a pet lover with a current herd of 4 cats, 1 red eared slider turtle, one common snapping turtle, and one very goofy chihuahua mix tiny dog.  I'm a research junkie.  I'm naturally minded.  I'm spiritual.  I'm constantly inspired.  I'm assertive.  I'm loud.  I'm also sometimes very reserved.  I'm chronically anxious.  I can muster up confidence in situations that are very challenging.  I'm silly.  I play pranks on my kids.  I'm a mess and I'm happy.  That's who I am.

I hope to bring you all some positive, uplifting support.
I hope to review fun and inovative products for you all to consider.
I hope to make you laugh with me.
I hope to learn from you and teach you as well.

I have done some professional writing in my life, but its been years so please bare with me while I get myself comfortable with this beautiful audience.  Thank you for allowing me in your world!


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