Sunday, October 23, 2011

One lasagna three meals

So to night we had the last of the lasagna for dinner with salad.  One pan of lasagna lasted for three meals for all of us.  We got two dinners and one lunch with it.  This isn't a meal I make all the time.  About once every couple months or so.

I didn't take any pictures but it was very close to the last one I blogged about that you can find here. I made this same size pan but cut our amounts down and added a salad.  I would say for each meal that we had we came in under $10 but I haven't done the math yet.  I will have to up date the post tomorrow when I do it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Turkey how many meals? Day Three Stock or Broth

We are talking Turkey stock or broth which from my research seem to be pretty much the same thing.  For two days I worked at making this stock and my house smelled great.  Like Thanksgiving turkey all day long.  Broth is something that is great for you, and easy to make.  So I thought I would share how I did it.  First off I read this great article on Cooking Traditional Foods you can also find them on Facebook here. The article is great and pretty much tells you how to do it step by step.  But I thought I would type up what I did with pictures because I am silly like that.

First thing I did was pick as much meat off the turkey bones as I could and then roast it.

I also pulled out the jars that had the drippings from when I roasted the turkey.

And then it was all into the pool, eh I mean stock pot.

Then I added water until it was covered and many I was lucky my pan was barely big enough.  Next time I will break the bones down more.  In all there was 2 gallons of water added to the pan.

Then I added the vinegar 2 tbsp per quart of water.

Then I let it sit for an hour to let the vinegar do it's thing.  After that I turn on the burner and brought it up to a simmer.  Once it was simmering I went to bed, I let it simmer for 30 hours (you can do more or less time this just worked this time for me.)

I then turned it off and picked out all the big pieces of bone and such.  Then I let it cool down a bit before straining it the first time.

My set up for straining, stock pot strainer, and a kitchen towel.

Straining the first time.

After straining it.

After I strained it I put it in the refrigerator over night.  So that the fat could get hard.


Then I used a spoon to skim the layer of fat off the top.  And strained it again.

The set up a bowl, kitchen towel and a strainer.

All strained and ready for storage.

At this point I was almost done, all I had last was to jar it up.  We reuse glass jars here so that's what I did.  I got six quart sizedish jars, (one is a pickle jar not sure about it's size) and half gallon or so in a ziploc bag (ran out of jars).  I labeled them and froze them.  I should be able to get a few meals out of this ALONE.  I can use this stock for soups, or just cooking my beans or rice in to give it added flavor.

 This is my best looking stock to date.
 The ziploc bag before it went in the freezer
Six yummy jars of turkey goodness.

The $20 I spent on this turkey has saved me already, from the two meals I have gotten plus a few days of sandwich lunches, plus all this stock is great.  I still have about 6 cups of dark meat in the freezer for other meals and ideas.  I can't wait to use them.  I am going to try some new recipes.  I hope this helps you out when you make stock.  It is easy I know it looks like a lot but the hard work is over you cooked the turkey and took the meat off the bones.   In all I would say my active time doing this was maybe an hour (I have small children so it was a stop and go thing sometimes)  that's straining it twice (over two days) and jarring it all up. Which would have taken less time had I had a funnel. LOL Instead I had to use a ladle to fill the jars up.

Monday, October 17, 2011

One Turkey how many meals? Day Two

Tonights dinner with turkey was light.  After yesterday's dinner kind of needed to be.  We had home made tomato soup and grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches. We used about 1/4 to 1/3 of one breast of the turkey for the sandwiches and it was a nice meal.

How I made my tomato soup

1 28 oz can of tomato sauce (found with the canned tomatoes)
1 28 oz can of diced tomatoes
1 onion choped
1 green pepper
2 gloves garlic choppedsp evoo
1/2 can of water
and then I used different spices to our taste. (salt, pepper, ect)

First chop the onions, green peppers, and garlic

then cook the onions and green pepper add the garlic near the end.

Then add all the tomatoes and sauce and water stir and turn to med low and stir occasionally

After about two hours add the soup to a blender and puree it. 

I did this in stages and poured into to a bowl until I got it all pureed after that I added it back to the pan I cooked it in.

See it's much smoother now.  At this point I did add some sugar to cut the acid of the tomatoes and checked all the seasonings.  Then I put it on low and let it sit till dinner time stiring it every now and then.

Mean while I made bread the same recipe from before but doubled.  And my littlest man got into a marker and the flour I dropped on the floor.

Don't worry it was a non toxic marker one my 2 yo was coloring with while I cooked.

And that's the soup really I let it sit till it was time to eat. Hubby was a little late but that was good it gave the bread time to cool.  I bake it in a corning ware dish and it worked great it was huge and one slice made one sandwich or two slices made one really big daddy size sandwich.  Here is the bread in the oven and fresh out of the oven.

 In the oven looks like I am cleaning it tomorrow
 Fresh out of the oven with butter melted on the top
Close up of the top.

To make a grill cheese I just mozzarella cheese and some left over turkey now I didn't butter the outsides and it toasted up fine.

With the soup we just added a little cheese to it. 

I have tons of turkey left and I have yet to make my stock too.  I am sure I can get at least two more meals from this bird and a couple of lunches for hubby.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

One Turkey how many meals?

So tonight I had a great idea I would blog about how many meals plus broth I get from my 14 pound turkey.  So lets start with tonight.  Tonight was a normal turkey dinner and almost half of the bird was gone but this feed six of us.  The older two boys shared the meat off of a leg, my daughter, the baby and my self shared a breast plus made a sandwich for hubby's lunch.  And Hubby had a wing.  I still have a thigh left that I think will be turned into Turkey pot pie or a soup tomorrow night.  I will also start my stock.  I did save all the juices from the turkey for my stock and I got two pasta sauce jars full.

My goal is to get four meals out of this bird plus stock and a few lunches for the hubby.  I know we ate almost half of it but we did skip lunch for this meal so that's our excuse LOL.

Any ways I thought I would start off with my recipe I guess you could say for turkey.

How I roast a turkey

  • First get husband to unwrap and clean out the giblets of the turkey (I normally feed them to the dog I know they are healthy for me and I do wish I saved them for the stock but I forgot)
  • Then have hubby wash the turkey since he already has turkey hands, mean while get the roasting pan ready for the bird
  • Have hubby place bird breast side up in the pan
  • Cut two granny smith apples in half place on apple inside of the bird and the other under the flap of skin by the neck
  • Cut one medium size onion (we used sweet onion) in half and peel the outside off and place one half in the bird and one half under/in the skin at the neck area
  • Next I peeled 4 large cloves are garlic and lightly crushed them and places two each in side the bird and under the neck area.
  • Then I took soft butter and rubbed it on the bird under the skin and a little on top with some evoo and Black pepper and Lawery's seasoning salt.  I then add about 1 cup water to the bottom of the pan.  Then make a foil tent or place the lid on top and roast at 325 until done.  Mine took about 4 hours  30 minutes before it was done I took the tent off to let the skin brown.
  • Let it sit for about 15-20 min with foil on top before cutting I find it doesn't lose it's juices as much that way.
  • Enjoy!
With our dinner we served, peas and mashed potato with cheesy bake, Fresh baked Italian bread I used this recipe for the bread.  OH and to make it extra yummy I rub butter on top to melt it a little bit it's yummy.

And then dessert we had homemade apple pie.  Now that I am trying to make my own crust I am still perfecting this recipe for ourselves.  Don't get me wrong it tastes great but there are still problems like it's watery and the bottom crust didn't come out right.  But I will keep trying.  I do have pictures of that though. They are not the best but the pie was yummy.

All in all it was a great meal and I forgot how much we loved having turkey I think I will stock up on them when they go on sale around thanksgiving.  I can see how if you think outside of the box you can get a lot from them.