Sunday, October 16, 2011

One Turkey how many meals?

So tonight I had a great idea I would blog about how many meals plus broth I get from my 14 pound turkey.  So lets start with tonight.  Tonight was a normal turkey dinner and almost half of the bird was gone but this feed six of us.  The older two boys shared the meat off of a leg, my daughter, the baby and my self shared a breast plus made a sandwich for hubby's lunch.  And Hubby had a wing.  I still have a thigh left that I think will be turned into Turkey pot pie or a soup tomorrow night.  I will also start my stock.  I did save all the juices from the turkey for my stock and I got two pasta sauce jars full.

My goal is to get four meals out of this bird plus stock and a few lunches for the hubby.  I know we ate almost half of it but we did skip lunch for this meal so that's our excuse LOL.

Any ways I thought I would start off with my recipe I guess you could say for turkey.

How I roast a turkey

  • First get husband to unwrap and clean out the giblets of the turkey (I normally feed them to the dog I know they are healthy for me and I do wish I saved them for the stock but I forgot)
  • Then have hubby wash the turkey since he already has turkey hands, mean while get the roasting pan ready for the bird
  • Have hubby place bird breast side up in the pan
  • Cut two granny smith apples in half place on apple inside of the bird and the other under the flap of skin by the neck
  • Cut one medium size onion (we used sweet onion) in half and peel the outside off and place one half in the bird and one half under/in the skin at the neck area
  • Next I peeled 4 large cloves are garlic and lightly crushed them and places two each in side the bird and under the neck area.
  • Then I took soft butter and rubbed it on the bird under the skin and a little on top with some evoo and Black pepper and Lawery's seasoning salt.  I then add about 1 cup water to the bottom of the pan.  Then make a foil tent or place the lid on top and roast at 325 until done.  Mine took about 4 hours  30 minutes before it was done I took the tent off to let the skin brown.
  • Let it sit for about 15-20 min with foil on top before cutting I find it doesn't lose it's juices as much that way.
  • Enjoy!
With our dinner we served, peas and mashed potato with cheesy bake, Fresh baked Italian bread I used this recipe for the bread.  OH and to make it extra yummy I rub butter on top to melt it a little bit it's yummy.

And then dessert we had homemade apple pie.  Now that I am trying to make my own crust I am still perfecting this recipe for ourselves.  Don't get me wrong it tastes great but there are still problems like it's watery and the bottom crust didn't come out right.  But I will keep trying.  I do have pictures of that though. They are not the best but the pie was yummy.

All in all it was a great meal and I forgot how much we loved having turkey I think I will stock up on them when they go on sale around thanksgiving.  I can see how if you think outside of the box you can get a lot from them.

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