Monday, October 3, 2016

Changes and Growth

The last few years have been filled with changes and growth for me.  I have moved from Texas to Oregon to Washington.  My husband has retired from the military gone to school and is now working with the BLM, a government agency. 

I have completed school and I am looking to grow my own business.  I am learning that this is a process.   

Yet some things have stayed the same.  I still have 4 wonderful kids that need me, I still have to budget to make it and for me that means discount shopping, reviewing items, and affordable healthy meals. 

I am still my same old spiritual self and I am going to be sharing more of that with all of you.  I have recently joined the Sisterhood of Avalon.  This has been such a spiritual growth curve for me that somedays I feel like I am not the right person for the group and I can't do the spiritual work.  Then I remember it's my ego talking.

But another change to the blog is that I will be adding an a friend.  She will be posting reviews, things of interests as well.  I hope you guys give her a warm welcome.

I also invite you to join us on facebook.

I really hope you will enjoy this journey with us.  I hope you will find what we share funny, enlightening, helpful and fun.  At the end of the day this blog is about fun for the both of us.  Welcome to our world.

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