Wednesday, April 6, 2011

National Frog Month

National Frog Month

Did you know there was such a month?  I didn't not as a child and not as an adult.  But now I do and all I can think about is the fun that I will have with it. So why is April Nation Frog Month, because it's mating season silly.

So naturally I went on the look out for a way to make a fun quick unit for my son.  I mean it's frogs yeah they are slimy but I don't know any boy that doesn't like them.  I found a ton of stuff so the next few late nights will be getting a lesson plan together for next week.  But I thought I would share some of my finds.  Now you will have to check everything and see what fits your child and their learning style but I hope that it helps on planning something fun for National Frog month.

 Blue Poison Dart Frog

I have to say this link is kind of cool first you little one will love love hearing the different frogs they have one there and it also has some pre-made lesson plans.

This link is great for those preschoolers it has letter worksheets and crafts.  Oh love crafts and even some stories as well.

6 ways to tell if you are a frog  This is a cut thing to ask your children of all ages and teach them at the same time.

Wildlife coloring book has more than Frogs but it's pretty good. Nation Frog page more fun than anything.

Frog Fables and Parables

All about Frog

 Frog in Werlands

Life Cycle of a Frog
Now this can be such a fun think that you can take time to go over of make it into a whole unit study lesson. This first site I found is just full of info and I love they lay out.  It also has clip art you can use for lap books and worksheets as well as coloring pages. You really need to check it out for yourself.

This page is full of information and lesson plans for all ages I haven't looked at everything but what I have I enjoyed. 

Her is a simple craft for the life cycle of a frog great for the younger children. 

Life Cycle of a Frog Game Very simple and easy to use great for little ones. 

The life cycle in pictures pretty close to having your own frog.

If you like worksheets here are some for the life cycle of frogs.
Save the Frogs
Link to save the frogs site it has tons of info on it about save the frogs day and what you can do to help.

And of course check your local library for some great books on frogs.  Remember to have fun with it.  And since it's frogs don't be afraid to get a little dirty should you try to go out and find some.  Take pictures and make memories while learning.