Saturday, May 28, 2011

What A Day

Today was a crazy day filled with shopping and the library.  Our trip took two hours and then another 30-45 to check out.  It's my fault it took so long since I had almost 200 coupons. But with them alone I saved a ton of money not counting the savings from the sales prices.  It took well over an hour to scan label and put everything away but you know what it was worth it we had been done quiet a bit in stock and six people can use a lot of stuff.  And summer's here meaning my oldest is going to be home and eating more.  But we are fine now we have stock and can just keep it up and maybe get to once a month shopping.

With all that said I must think I am going to have a lot of free time for reading as I took out nine books today.

A few of these I know I will need to resign out others I am not sure one and well others will be quick reads I have to say I have flipped through a few and I think it will be hard to put them down once started.  But hey my hubby has the next few days off so it will be nice to get some reading in.  Who needs tv?

We ended up as a family checking out 25 books most of which will be read it's great passing along this love of reading to my children.  This reminds me of my Autumn Lily she would get a board book from the baskets they have at our library sit and in a chair and tell you the story as she saw it and you would be able to make out about every other word because she's going to fast. And at the end you hear t end  and then all done. It's cute I was shocked how well she was at the library since she wanted a nap but we wanted to get there before they closed. I wouldn't trade any of my children in for the world even when they drive me batty.

Have a nice weekend.

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