Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Watch my Watermelon grow with me

Last weekend we had a watermelon and the kids wanted to plant the seeds to see if they would grow so they saved about 10 seeds and we planted them. We up-cycled an old cookie tin popped some whole in it for drainage.  Here is a pic from when we planted them on 5/21.  You can see our sunflowers right next to them growing nicely.

Well today I go out as I do every evening and check on my plants it's my nice quite 5-10 minutes alone as my husband entertains the children.  So today I found little seedlings peeking out from the cheap dirt we had.  Here are a couple of pics

They are still tiny but growing we have three plants growing one I couldn't get a pic of I hope to get one tomorrow.  But after these pics I thought I would post pics of how they are doing everyday to just track the growth and have fun.

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