Friday, May 13, 2011

Couponing and the simple life And Clutter

I am finding it hard to mesh couponing and simple living together.  It seems to me couponing has turned into getting as much as you can for free or cheap and to get more even when you don't need it.  Simple living to me is making do with what you have reusing stuff as needed.  Like an old soup can panted and turned into a flower pot with fresh cut flowers in it.  Simple living to me is about using what you have and getting what you need and even getting a few wants but not making your life about wanting.

I like couponing and the money it saves me and I will admit I have a stock pile of a some stuff and would be fine not buying them for tops 2 months, but I also find it hard to buy things I would really use coupons for like flour.  I know there are coupons out there for everything but they are hard to find.  And it seems couponing has turned into a sport since that tv show came out.  It seems like it's about how much can I get for how little?  It seems to push the idea more is better and more is great.  And I don't buy that.  I do believe there is a way to do both and be happy I just have to find that path for myself.  I have to get passed the hype and the rudeness of others and the greed and remember to get what my family and I need first and any extras are nice but not needed.  This is what I have been doing and I am still saving 40-50% of my bill every money.


I am a former hoarder and now I can't stand clutter in a year after losing everything we have so much stuff and I have been going through it and getting ready to have a sale with it.  How is it you can get so much stuff so fast is beyond me.

And I wanted to start a inspiration file for our house (when we buy one) and our garden (when we have one) and well I just can't keep papers or magazines they would make the clutter worse so I have started in efile for them I keep the pics on my puter and facebook (really because I like to hear what those close to me think about them)  I find this reduces clutter a great deal.

As for all the other clutter piles in the house they will be gone by bed time Sunday.  They are driving me batty.  I need to remember not to move the clutter from one room to another this only makes it bigger I find.

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