Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mother's Day!

My mothers day was great.  We had a ham dinner that yes I cooked but I wanted to.  Dh would have cooked if I didn't.  But he cooked yesterday so I was fine.  And we had home made bread I find every time I make it, it get easier.

I also got to cuddle with the baby and take nap.  And I started a new book last night and today Cut your Grocery Bill in half with America's cheapest family.  Not sure how I like it I am thrown off by the writing saying in 1982 35,000 was near poverty.  From what I have read so far I do most of what they seem to talk about but hey I am open minded I will read to the end and maybe learn another trick or two.

And today was sunday which means coupons in the papers.  Jon went and got them for me bright and early and I am glad it was easy this week last week it was crazy that coupon show has made some monsters I don't even try to get the free deals anymore because some people think they need all 100 that's in the store.  I still save big time with them though and about 40% is my average for some couponers that's not great but for me it is.

Other than the coupons the book and watching a movie it's a low key day but a great one none the less.  Hope your mother's day was great as well.

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