Friday, May 6, 2011

Summer reading programs 2011 and how your kids can get FREE books

My oldest will be out of public school in one months time and it's scary to think about but I need to get some things ready for the summer. And since we need to work on reading I started with summer reading programs.


And Barnes & Nobel have one. You child can earn a FREE book after they read 8 books (free book comes off a list)

To join this program is easy all you need to do is go here and find the pdf to download or download it here

To find a store near you go here

They have a parents kit and an educators kit and in the end they are very much the same but I like the educators kit which can be found here


Now Boards also has a summer reading program. They double dog dare you to read ten books to get one free (starts June 1). Here is the link to download and print the form needed.

And the Free books are also limited but there seems to be some on there that my children will love you can find them Here

You can go here to find the store nearest you.


Now Hastings also has a program.

Theirs is call the Summer Book Club and from what I understand on there website is first you can download their reading journal. Which has many books listed in it. Not sure they are the ones you have to read, but pretty sure they are after you read them you do the book report and then take your journal in and get a sticker for it. I do know they offer coupons to help you get the books.

They also have where you can write an essay and you child has a chance to win a computer for themselves and a school of there choice (I don't know if homeschools count I will have to look into it but it might take time) and you can find that info here.

You can go here to find the store nearest you.

Now there are lists and lists out there for summer reading but I am of the mind that you should have your child read what they love first, light that passion for reading under them before you move on to the required reading if you can. I know as you go through school be it public or homeschool there are times you have to read something you hate. But I don't think fun summer reading should be that.

Most of these programs allow you and your child the fun in choosing what to read. Remember to check your local library for other great programs in your local area and it's a great place to get your books to read. Enjoy this time this summer and happy reading. I recently read that reading for fun is on the down slid I find that sad.

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