Monday, May 30, 2011

Roast Chicken and veggies for under ten bucks for a family of five

I have a large family there are six of us but one is just starting solids and mostly nurses.  But feeding all of us could be costly but I have been setting a goal of $10 for dinner as this is the one meal we all eat together.  And I have made some pretty good meals for under ten last night I made a roasted chicken with roasted veggies.  In the end it cost me 7.40 total.  Now the chicken cost me more than that but I am going to easily get to meals if not three meals out of this one bird plus I am going to and make my first home made stock.

Cost Break Down:
Chicken 4.35 (half of the 8.70 I paid)
1 pound taters about 1.00
baby carrots 1.00
1 small onion .25
1 bell pepper .50
1 lemon .13
1 lime .13
Plus or Minus .04 
And the rest that I used to make is standard pantry items like evoo and spices.  This was a tasty me and I don't think we ever touched half the book it was probably less than that.  Whole chickens are a great thing for big families to buy to feed a lot for a little and get more for there money.  And tomorrow night we are going to have chicken pot pie with the left overs.  And I am sure we will have one more meal of the rest maybe a lunch we will have to see or I will freeze it for a third meal and save the bones for a stock.

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