Saturday, May 14, 2011

One day....

One day my family will have a farm with a great big old farm house.  On this farm we will raise as much of our own food as we can.  And we are going to grow Christmas trees, and have a whole christmas theme to make it fun for the whole family.  I really can't wait for this we have been researching everything and making sure we know what we want.  I have recently started dream folders for our home and gardens.  

I can't wait until my days are filling with gardening and canning and making cheese and all kinds of goodies.  Homemade butter and bread.  Everything.  I want to only need to go to the store once every month or so for things we need.  And I want to enjoy this old time life and some of the new found enjoyable tech that is out there.  Just not have our lives move around it.  

I also want to have a ton of animals on this farm and chickens I want lots and lots of chickens maybe even a few turkeys.  I want a barn that smells of horses, leather and hay!  And I will have it I tell you.  It's going to be our heaven.  

We can't forget our fruit trees and maybe even nuts as well,  I can't wait to grow all of our herbs and spices and vegetables.  I can't wait to live this simple life.  The best of all I can't wait for family dinners and sitting at the table enjoying a good chat with those that I love and making memories to have a life time.

Once day i will have this all and more.  But for now I am going to learn all that I can so that when my dream comes true I am ready for it. And this summer I am learning canning and many other things.

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