Saturday, May 14, 2011

Old fashion summer fun ideas

My son and I were talking and he was saying how he hoped he wouldn't be bored this summer.  That there never seemed to be anything to do.  I found this sad and thought wow, I haven't been showing him the fun he can have.  So I am making a list of fun and free or nearly free summer things to do and well things that I know he will love.

  1. Go hiking, we have a few places to go in the area and it's just fun and good for you.  Don't forget water and sun block.
  2. We are already gardening together and I think I will teach him more about that and what to do once the food is grown.
  3. Fly kites, I posted this before but this is something my children just love and it's pretty cheap if you go to a big box store.
  4. Catch fire flies I think all the kids will enjoy this.  
  5. Play
  6. mudpies
  7. Go to the park
  8. good old fashion water fights. who doesn't love these
  9. I have signed them up for free bowling.
  10. I have also got them going on reading programs I am waiting to see what another store does for them.  I think reading is super important for children.
  11. build forts and play dress up...a trip to the thrift store for items.
  12. bird watching, he seems to want to do this.
  13. Make paper air planes
  14. Give him a box
  15. puppets
  16. and much more as I think of it.
Coming up with things to do during the summer it's hard and many of these are fun and things I have done there are other things we might do like fishing and I will teach him took and just great fun.  I hope to get an old fashion ice cream maker this summer as well.

Only thing is not look forward to is summer school at home.

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