Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Wild Girl Turns 3!

Autumn Lily is my wild child and only daughter.  She turned three last weekend and I am just now getting around to sharing her pictures.  We did a simple party at home.  We made cupcakes and she got a few presents that's it.  It's prefect for us.  We also had one of her favorite meals.  I cheated and used a box mix and frosting. She got pirate cupcake wrappers because she is a pirate kick now but we made the frosting purple because she is also a princess.  I wish I had gotten a picture of her with her head band on when she was saying I princess.  I wish more I had gotten pictures when she put it on daddy and said he was princess and the same with her big brother.  I didn't get pictures of her gifts but Daddy took her shopping which she loves and got her a dolly, stuffed horse, and a ball all for under ten bucks LOL.  I wanted to give something I had picked up for Christmas or Yule but Daddy wanted to take her shopping.

Well here are the pictures, please excuse the mess and her wild hair no matter how much I brush it, it looks this way five minutes later.

 Pirate princess cupcake lite

Blowing out the candle.
I know it's fuzzy it was hard to get.
 Can't we do it again mama?
 Yay! Time to eat!
 Alen, your turn!
 Ricky, get your own

 Hiding from her puppy.

 Frosting is her favorite part.

LOL I know so many are the same it took for ever to get the one shot I wanted and then when I looked at them all I liked them.  Happy Birthday my Pirate Princess I hope it's just one of many that brings you joy!

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