Saturday, November 19, 2011

On Turkey how many meals, 6 in total, quick catch up plus Thanksgiving turkey leftover ideas

So I am not a great blogger LOL.  I got two more meals out of the turkey a pot pie and a soup.  I also got a few lunches as well.  That's not counting all the meals that the stock will go into.  One 12-14 pound turkey is a great source of meat for a family of 6, and if you plan your meals out right and watch the portions, you can get a lot out of it.  Now this turkey cost me about 21.00 so we will use 20 as a middle number and for six meals for the meat alone that is 3.33 a meal, that is not counting in the savings from making my own stock and the meals it will go into and the lunches that were made from left overs or the meat itself.

With thanks giving around the corner so many people are going to have lefts overs and wonder what they can do with them so I thought I would share what my ideas are.

  • salad, you can use it like chicken on top of a salad
  • home made hot pockets with broccoli and cheese
  • you can use it in pasta sauces
  • take a jar of bbq sauce and make pulled bbq turkey sandwiches
  • pot pie
  • so many soups
  • I like to bake it into eggs with spinach and feta and veggies
  • you can use it with beans and taco mix for tacos
  • pretty much I use it like I would chicken
  • Chili
I know that this isn't a lot of ideas but it's some.  This year for thanksgiving we got a 20+ pound turkey, and I can't wait to cook it up for the holiday nor can I wait to play with the left overs I have so many ideas that I am not sure if they will work or not but I am planning on that bird to feed us for a week.

I have also decided I will post my Thanksgiving meal, the prep and what not.  Now I know I am not the best cook out there but I am sure going to try and have one yummy meal.  I am finalizing the menu in the morning and I will post it then. 

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