Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday Safety Tips

This holiday season I want everyone safe and sound so they can enjoy there Holiday.  I have a few tips that I have picked up on over the years and around the web.

  • Check your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector and make sure they are working.
  • Make sure any holiday guest know what to do in case of a fire and where to meet up.
  • Make sure your holiday guests know where the fire extinguisher is and make sure you have one or two just in case you need them.
  • If you have a fresh Christmas/Holiday tree make sure you water it daily the needles shouldn't fall off when it's touched.  A well water tree doesn't burn as well as a dry tree.
  • Keep you tree and other flammables 3 feet away from heating vent, fire places, and space heaters.
  • Use Candles with care, Never leave them unattended, in the reach of pets or animals.  Always blow them out when you go to sleep and leave the house.  
  • Keep Candles 12 inches away from any flammable and place them on/in holders that are sturdy and large enough to hold all the melted wax.
  • Maintain your Chimney to prevent fires, if you haven't done so already for the winter now would be a great time to do so.
  • DO NOT drink and drive, DO NOT get in the car and let someone drive that has been drinking.  You can always pick up your car later.
  • DO NOT text and drive, it can wait.  If it can't pull over into a parking let and send the text
  • DO NOT talk on the cell phone and drive unless you have a hands free device.  It can wait if it can't and you don't have a hands free device pull over and make the call.  
  • Have kit in your car in case of an accident or bad weather and your stuck in your car.  Have bottle water, flashlights, blankets in the car, food and a first aid kit to include flares or other reflective items.  Make sure you have enough for a couple of days and everyone in your car.
  • Leave early and don't speed I know this is common sense but it's ok to be late if you get there in one piece.
  • Don't leave your car running in the garage because you want to prevent CO (carbon monoxide poisoning) 
  • Dress in layers if it's cold out.
  • Never Ever put your child in a car seat with the jacket on.  Take it off and buckle them in them put the coat on them backwards or a car seat poncho or blanket on them
  • Always clean all the snow off your car
  • Before a long car trip check the fit of your car seats.  Check out should you need help.
  • Food safety, always was your produce.  Cook your meat to proper temps as well.
  • Keep cold foods out for only 2 hours at room temp and then put them back.
  • Watch the products you use in your home make them as toxin free as you can.  If not please don't mix them.
  • Watch for little pieces from gifts and decorations with little ones around remember not all homes you will visit are child proof.
  • Check all your decorations for safety.  Frayed and cracked lights need to be replaces an don't plug more than three strands together at a time.
  • Watch over loading circuits.
  • Use out lights only outside.
Well I know I missed tons of tips but this is what I have for now.  Please post below any tips you have.  Please have a fun and a safe holiday!

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