Friday, December 16, 2011

What to do with all that left over wrapping paper, bows, and ribbon?

It's the afternoon of Christmas and it looks like your tree threw up everywhere.  You have piles and piles of wrapping paper, bows and ribbon everywhere.  But what to do with it.  You know it's wasteful to toss it but what do to with it.  Well I have some ideas, here they are.

  • You can make paper bows with them for next year and save yourself some money in the process.  Win Win. 
  • You can use them to make some paper ornaments for your tree next year, or for gifts for next year and have a real big head start.  Also it would make a great reminder of the years that past like a yearly ornament.
  • I posted earlier about keeping your children writing this winter break and making thank you cards.  Think how cute it would be for your friends and family to get thank you cards made with some of the wrapping paper that their gift came it.  And knowing your child made it.  
  • You can use it to make garlands, you know those paper chains.  For next year for the tree or decorations.  You can make them during the break with your children and put them up in a box or flatten and save the paper for next year and start making the chains after Thanksgiving.
  • You can reuse the left over bows and ribbons on other gifts in the upcoming year as well.
  • You can use the smaller pieces of paper to make gift tags for next year or when ever. 
  • You can shred it or just wad it up and use it for packing materials.
  • Use it to make Christmas cards for next year.
  • Use it in your scrapbooking with your holiday pictures.
  • Use it for stuffing for your purses, hats, shoes and boots and anything like that.  It will help them hold their shape while in storage.
  • You can use them to make Origami a great craft to do with kids.  
  • Use the back side as scrap paper by the phones and on the desks.
  • Use it to line drawers and shelves for the year.
  • You can use the wrapping paper with decoupage, from boxes (think shoe boxes) to anything wood like ornaments.
  • You can use them to mat your holiday photos.
  • Use time to line the envelopes for your Christmas cards for that extra special touch. 
  • Use it to make clothes for a paper doll. Dolland clothes templates 
  • Frame a nice piece and you have decoration for next here.  Find some great subway art to add to it.  Makes a great gift as well.
  • You can use it to make book marks for your favorite holiday books.     
  • Cover your holiday storage boxes with it.
  • You can use it as book covers use the white side and it can be used year round and kids can draw on it
  • You can use it as a liner in the kitty box or any other critter cage
  • You can make place mats with it.  Attach it to cardboard and then laminate it. This would be a great craft to do with the kids.
  • You can make coasters, you can use the same process as for the place mats or you can decoupage it to coaster size wood titles and seal it.  Same with normal tiles from the hard ware store.  This idea but with wrapping paper.    
  • Use it to decorate picture frames, a great way to make the ones from the dollar store look nice
  • Use it as filler in gift boxes and gift bags
  • You can make magnets with it,  attach the wrapping paper to cardstock or a light weight card board and laminate it, then attach a magnet to the back.
  • Make a festive bulletin board, take wrapping paper and cover cork board.
  • Make paper jewelry.
  • Use it to make Sculptures.
  • Make paper with it.  For a how to video click here         
This list is a great starting off point, please be inspired and have fun.  And if you come up with an idea share it please.  I would love to see anything that you make with your left over wrapping paper.  It will be nice not to toss such pretty paper.

Merry Christmas! Merry Yule! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Holidays!

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