Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Super Moon and changes!

Taken on May 5th by ME.

I know that I haven't posted here in awhile and I am sorry. This year the super moon has inspired me to make changes that I MUST make.  And one of them is living my faith more.   A special holiday came around and I was just there.  I didn't feel moved to do anything and it was another day.  This WOKE me up!  I realized in life that I had let work, children, wife duties and other stuff bog me down.

I forgot to live my faith. I forgot to put it first and find that time for me and for prayer.  It was scary to realize that.  I panicked because it bothered me.  I though OMG did I lose my faith.  So I meditated and came to a conclusion.

I didn't lose my faith meaning I still believed but I had hid it so much because I worried about others being offended or hurt.  I realized I shoved it to the side.  I shoved the Great Mother to the side like she wasn't important.  I decided then and their that this wasn't ok.  That I would make the time to talk to the Great Mother every day.  I would stop worrying if people would like or love me because of what I believed.  I stopped caring about how my faith could offend others.

And that leads me to this post to coming back here.  I named this Blog Spirit's Walk In the World.  Meaning my everyday life, and now that means my walk back to the goddess, back to my faith and back to a more balanced life.  So I want to take the time to welcome you to the NEW Spirit's Walk!  Join me as I find the goddess and god, the great mother and father again.  Join me as I find me.


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