Sunday, June 5, 2011

2.80 For last nights dinner or Pizza rolls and salad

Last nights dinner was late and filling it was pizza rolls and spinach salad.  And it cost us 2.80 but could have cost us up to 5.30.

Cost break down:
3 pkg pizza dough = .69
Cheese = up to two 2.50 or free with wic
1/4 jar of pasta sauce .21 
Bag of spinach .65 (thanks to a fb coupon I saved $1)
Green Pepper .50
Cucumber .50  
Tomato .25
As you may have guess for the time being we get wic it helps a great deal.

How to make pizza rolls use pizza dough from a can or made from a packet or homemade.  
Roll out the dough to about 6-8 inches rectangle (or what ever size you want) but don't make it to thin as it may pop in the oven.

 Popped in the oven.

Now fill up with your fav topping a thin layer will work then roll. Place seam side down and bake at three fifty for about 20-25 minutes (your time may vary depending on your stove) until done.  I pulled mine just before they browned because everyone was hungry but they would be great browned.

 I added cheese to the top just because remember seal side down

I see badly need new cookie sheets

Let cool about 5 minutes before you cut in to them.  And serve if you like you could add extra sauce on the side.  These are a great change up from pizza and are super easy to make they are filling with left us left overs for lunch use reheat in the oven or toaster oven till warm and enjoy. I don't see why you couldn't make them ahead and freeze them for snacks later.  
 I like taking close ups of food I find it pretty the simple prefection of nature

 Popped in the over because it was to thin

I just loved this and the cheese was yummy

And because she was so cute while waiting on dinner here is my DD Autumn.

This is my Ricky. 

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