Sunday, June 5, 2011

OVER 10 dollars for tonights dinner but still worth it.

Ok so a couple months ago we bought some fish and then froze it and forgot about and when doing our menu we found it and said we need to eat and then when we saw how much we paid we were like ouch.  We paid 18.xx for steel head trout what we forgot was we bought enough for two meals (with the amount we make now).  So I cooked up both fillets for dinner knowing that in the end it was cheaper than going out for a seafood dinner.  And we have left overs for the hubbs salads for lunch so it's all good.

I paired our pricey fish with some cheapo stuff I had gotten like free yellow rice.  Well I was paid a penny to take it from the store.  And a page of frozen green beans these are our daughter's favorite so we made the whole bag knowing she would eat most of her meal there.

In the end dinner was about 20.10 give a take some change.  About 4.02 per person for the five of us.

Here are some pics.

 I kept it simple with the fish as I have never had it before. Some lemon, thyme, and garlic herb mix I had.
 And I added butter under the lemon, you will soon learn I love my butter as a matter of fact I have only two pounds in the house and go wow I should have bought more LOL.
 Right out of the oven sorry about the fog
 A better pic of out of the oven
 Again a close up I am sorry I have thing about close up pics of food
This is the plate I service one of my sons I try to take pics of my food as the way my family sees them.  Every night I try to get different family members plates.  So it's all real.


  1. Looks delicious...a little more savory than the sugar cookies I am making. :-) Love the butter. I have been using lite olive oil for broiling for several years now...trying to keep the "bad" fats to use for baking.

  2. thanks i will try that next time i love it as well