Friday, June 17, 2011

The power of lemon and baking soda

Today while cooking my husband gave me my anniversary present well he gave it to my Autumn to give to me.  It was perfect.  Anyways I got to think we have our wedding goblets in a closet they can't be enjoyed that way so I had him get them out.  When I saw them I then remembered they were silver and I didn't store them right.  This is what we found.

Then I remembered that you can use lemons and baking soda to clean sliver thank goodness I don't have silver polish so I dug them out and cut a lemon in half and but some soda on it and used some elbow grease.  and man do they look better not perfect but much better.  See.

They are not perfect but you can see our names on them now. and well I am loving silver so they will be kept out from now on.  Remember that you may have what you need in a pinch in your kitchen.  I know I have the last few times and frankly I would rather clean with lemons.

Ps excuse the mess it was a busy day in the kitchen.

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