Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tonight made dinner for two families and it only cost me 5.10

So here is the story one of my husband's soldiers wife had a baby yesterday and they are first time parents and I thought I would be sweet and make them a meal.  So I made them a baked pasta meal and made one for my family they got enough for a meal or two and I had enough for our dinner and lunch tomorrow.  And all for five ten.  How did I do it coupons and sales and a little help from wic. 

This is simple to make. Here is what you need.

Pasta (I used three pounds .09 per pound)
Sauce (3 jars at .85 each)
1 tub cooking cream Italian herbs (free with coupon)
1 pound burger me (this is all I used for both meals you can use more)
and a little cheese for the top (wic)

How to make
Brown up your meat add your sauce and cook for a few minutes and then add cooking cream.  Add all that to cooked pasta mix and top with cheese bake till cheese melted.

That easy.


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