Thursday, June 2, 2011

Apple bourbon pork tenderloin and sides all for 3.30

Yes the price in the title is right. Tonight's dinner was very good at a very good price.

There is only one way this meal was so cheap and that was smart shopping.  Here is what I did I happened to find the the tenderloin while looking for something else they were majorly price cut because they were going out of code in other words they were about to expire.  They were marked to 2.28 each.  That's a steal in and of itself, but they were the Hormel brand and I had a coupon for them and since I brought my binder I had them with me.  I had three and got three so in the end it cost me 1.28 each or 3.84 for all three of them which makes three meals for us.  Remember there are five eating right now soon six.

As you can see it's a little over 1 pound enough for all of us.

We also had mashed taters.  These were cheap to and about .75 wroth as we bought them in bulk after making our menu.  And then the veggies were 1.27 for the whole bag normally I buy these with a coupon as well but I was out so I bought the store brand.  And made the whole bag because my 2 yo was licking her lips and I knew I was going to need them all.

The tenderloin was easy to make they are not my fav when preseason-ed but when you need a easy meal this is it. So remember these tips when trying to make those dollars stretch.

  • Look for stuff going out of code match it up with a coupon if you can. Don't be afraid to ask if they can do better on the price remember they want it gone better to you than tossing it.
  • be flexible in your menu plan many times not all sales are listed so you might find a better one be willing to change on the fly.
  • Stock up when you can at the cheapest price.
  • Coupons are our there and can save you money.
There are so many ways to save on your meals many depend on how much time you have to cook and what your skills are these last few one I think are pretty easy.  

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