Thursday, June 16, 2011

Frozen Strawberry pops for about 2 bucks.

So in this 100 degree weather you need to keep cool so I thought I would make ice pops now I do have the store bought ones here to but they are full of sugar and I am trying to limit the amount of it.  I fail a lot of the time but I know my kids if I make something they will eat that over the premade stuff.

So I thought I would give those puree fruit pops a try I love these things but they are pricey to buy.  They are so easy to make. Now I have an ice pop maker (target 1 dollar) but you could make ice pops in so many things from paper cups to ice cube trays.  Even small glass jars with sticks in them.

Your next tool you will need is a blender or something else to puree the fruit I have a blender.  Next just puree your fruit I used frozen strawberries, and a little juice.  I added no sugar as I thought what was in the berries and the juice should be enough.  I used juice I had on hand as well which was apple juice.  Our pops were still a little tart but a huge hit.  My husband who doesn't really like the other kind loved these one.

I have plans for other kinds some using the stock of baby food I have on hand and others making some grown up flavors.  I will let you know.

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