Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some dinners I didn't post.

Here are pics and some of the dinners we have had and I didn't post about I don't have the cost break down and I will share how to make if you want but I thought I would get them up.

 Breakfast for dinner we love doing this it's such a cheap and filling and easy meal.  This night no one could make up there mind so I made eggs pancakes, a cherry blueberry sauce for the pancakes, and sausage gravy (my oldest wanted this over biscuits this was our compromise)
 Pancakes with the cherry berry sauce
 Pancakes with sausage gravy on them.
 This was last nights dinner.  I made savory pancakes with herbs and spices to change things up.  We get tired of the same sides so I am working on trying new things.
 Broccoli with white cheddar cheese
Italian Chicken (baked)  

All these meals where under ten to make and all of them had left overs for other meals.  I have learned that simple is better, and easy works and that you can have great food and healthy food with out breaking the bank.


  1. You make me hungry every time I visit your blog. :)

  2. LOL I am sorry but I just love to cook. It makes me happy.