Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's day and our anniversary

This year Father's day and our anniversary fell on the same day.  We wanted to honor both days and as did the kids and I think we did it.

It started off with breakfast in bed my oldest made cereal for us to eat in bed.  Just the thought was great and then they joined us in our room. It was really sweet.  It's hard to stop and think that we have been married seven years some days if feels like more in a good way and other days it feels like it hasn't be been that long.

In seven years we have grown our family from 1 child to 4 children.  We have moved to another state we have faced some nasty hardships and some we placed on ourselves.  We have learned to seek help when we need it.  We have dealt with happiness to.  We have had days of pure joy.  I would say yesterday was one of those days.

Don't get me wrong not everything was prefect we woke up to a flat tire but the hubs and me changed together while having fun.  The kids where kids they were not prefect but they were themselves.  It was joy because you could feel it in the house.

The kids loved that I spent the day in the kitchen and I loved it as well.  I love to cook and I love it when they like it as well.  They wanted to help and watch what I made (another post later today).  They enjoyed every part of it.  They made there dad cards for fathers day.  It was heaven.

Our anniversary was great too.  It was how I love thing simple and low key.  Really I couldn't ask for more Jon felt bad and like he was asking me to cook dinner but I love it. It brings me joy it was a chore so I didn't mind one bit.  But he thinks it should be cooked for and that gifts are a luxury.  I thought that the chair I got at the flea market was my anniversary gift but he went out and got my a new engagement ring since I lost ours in our last move.
It needs to be sized but it's prefect.  He spoils me. LOL. 

I think the best part of the day was bed time LOL it was simple and no fighting like we sometimes have everything went how it was suppose to.  Told the kids bed and they went gave them five minutes till lights out and there was no fighting and it was just great.  I wasn't up all night either.  Some days are just prefect even though not everything was prefect and that was today.  I have learned you have to take the good with the bad and that you can have prefect days with out everything being prefect.

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