Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Steak and cheese hot pockets

These were so very very good.  See we bought chuck steaks from the butcher in a freezer pack and well we didn't know what to do with them until we thawed them.  So on fathers day we had the shepherds pie. With a cost of under ten.  Last night I took another chuck steak about 1 pound of meat and I turned it into these hot pocket like things.  Again for about 6 dollars we had a great meal.  We paired it with a big salad as to lighten it up and it was great.

Ok I don't really have a recipe for this but I will tell you what I did and if you have any questions please ask I will answer them as soon as I can.

First I started the chuck steak early in the day as it need to go low and slow to get nice and tender.  What I did was season it with our favorite spice (we used webers chicago grill mix) and then I added an onion and 1/4 green pepper and then some water.  The last things I added were A1 sauce (bold kind) and like 7-8 shakes of lea and perrins Worcestershire sauce.  And turned it down low and cook for a few hour until the meat pulled apart.
I let the meat cool (only because I didn't know when my husband was getting off work.) but you don't have to let it cool.  

Once I was cooking dinner I chopped up some peppers and onions and starting cooking them till soft and then I added the meat back to warm it up. 

Then I made a cheese sauce.  Just a basic one like you would make for mac and cheese. 

Then I made pizza crust (I used the packet kind from Betty Crocker) and found the trick is to let it sit about ten minutes before you start using it.  Then I just rolled out circles and put the cheese sauce on them and then the filling and then closed it up.  Some I rolled, some I just folded in half, and one I made into a pouch as I wanted to see which was worked the best.  They all worked fine so do what works for you.  Just remember like with the pizza rolls don't roll them out too thin or they will pop.  If you fold them in half like a half moon a small slit in the top to help them vent is a great idea.

Also make sure your seal them well I have learned putting a simple slit in the top will help stop the popping.

And that's it.  Next time I make them I will get a more recipe like format typed up to share but they are very easy.  In fact I have plans for other hot pocket like ones for our freezer as the left overs made a great lunch for my hubby with the salad we had.

I will get back to break downs of cost of meals next week.  Things are a little crazy here.  I am also thinking of making a list of what I think are pantry items and staples as I don't put these in my cost break downs and this list can be different for everyone.

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