Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Breakfast for dinner

Tonight's dinner was great and simple it was breakfast for dinner.  We had sage sausage gravy over biscuits and strawberries and lime juice.

I only have pictures of the biscuits today I just wasn't in the mood to take more.  And well I am not sure I will post a recipe yet as I am still work one out for the gravy and the biscuits are pretty basic.

I did try a new trick that I read somewhere and I froze the butter and shredded it on my hand grater.  This allowed me to mix the dough with less handling and I truly believe this helped make them lighter.  I also soured my milk this time. It's not something that I normally do but I wanted to try it this time these two little changes in my normal recipe made a huge difference. So I guess what I am saying is don't be afraid to change things up a little at a time.  You might find that one chance that makes something good great or easier as well.

Oh and so try slicing up strawberries and squeezing a lime on them.  This simple act just makes them better my kids thought it was wonderful and so crazy to do.

All this was under ten as most items were pantry items or items I have on hand all the time.  

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